About Us

The technology sector is one of the most important reporting sectors at Bidness Etc, mainly due to the amount of daily news flows in the space. The sector is a favorite amongst both institutional and retail investors, and with the rise in technology stocks over the last year, it has created the need for in-depth analysis on some of the largest tech players out there.

Bidness Etc has so far covered all the major legacy companies in the sector, including HP, Intel, Microsoft, and IBM. We are also focused on delivering analysis and development on newer challengers in the social media industry like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even tech startups that are making waves with their disruptive technologies.

A major theme in our tech coverage is the changing trends in the industry, such as a comprehensive industry analysis on smartphone trends, cloud computing, and semiconductors. Bidness Etc conducts thorough research in tech trends, with a key focus on fundamental analysis and valuation with respect to industry peers.

The tech coverage at Bidness Etc is also being expanded to include innovative startups, international companies, and stock market news, including earnings results, and product reviews.


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