Yahoo is a prominent and in short, one of leading American multinational internet corporation based in California. This website is mainly used by people for conversation through mail. However, it also offer much more than this like, Fantasy Sports, Web Portal, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo answers, Online mapping, Advertisement purpose, Yahoo News, Yahoo accounts, Yahoo Video Sharing, Social media related things and Search engine to its users. According to roughly observation, around 700 million people visit their website on daily basis from all over the world. This multinational internet corporation is successfully working around globe.

Yahoo is most popular website in United States as we can say; people depend on this website for their search purpose etc. Moreover, this website is assisting people within different 30 languages. Yahoo Corporation itself according to YHOO stock news has claimed it. This website was basically discovered by Jerry Yang and David Filo and they both incorporated this website in 1995.

In 2012, Marisaa Mayer has been elected as Yahoo CEO and President. In 2013, Yahoo even crossed the limits of Google users in United States. According to 2011 records, 196 million people from United States used this website on daily routine. No doubt, ever year 21% ratio of visitors on their website increased. Currently, YHOO stock lies at $34.45 with the constructive change of +0.69 in the market. Therefore, we can easily analyze its progressive report from its stock price in the market.