At the time when computers became popular, there is only one Internet browser available, called Internet explorer that is provided by windows by default. As Internet became more popular every year, number of users increased and hence there came a number of browsers for browsing over Internet. Among the various software programs available for browsing Internet are some of the best performing browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape browsers. Google chrome is the official browser of the Internet giant Google. Since it is directly from Google, it offers a number of comforts to browse to the home page of Google.  Even when the Internet connection is slow, chrome browser provides many ways to reach the Internet gateway with less data being spent from hand. Likewise, there are various benefits like themes, attractive layout provided by Mozilla. The advantage of Mozilla is that they are available for variety of operating systems like MAC, windows and also for Linux. Also Mozilla is the default Internet browser for most of the Linux based operating systems. Chrome has recently launched a standalone browser for Linux under the name of chromium. There is a stiff war between these two giants in the web browser, where they pushed Internet explorer out of the competition.