A computer is just a piece of machine if there is no software present in them. It is the software that is making all the applications to run as per requirements. In a business environment, Systems Software is an important one that does a number of tasks. There are a number of companies present in this domain, providing different solutions that are required by companies to run various applications. The very best example is the Microsoft office from windows that helps in the process of data collection, processing and interpretation in a number of aspects. This Microsoft office is a generic package that can be made to work for a number of generalized cases. To be case specific and to run some dedicated applications, Systems Software is available from different companies. Tally is one of the well-known and most popular software capable of providing all the requirements of billing. There are several modules of tally available that can incorporate all the requirement of billing in an easy manner. Also Systems Software for CRM is also available from some of the reputed companies like Zoho. Beside the major players, several medium and small sized companies are also present in this domain.