Since no one in the world can memorize the website address of all the sites that they have to visit or they have visited in the past, there is a need for a mechanism through which it is possible to get details about the websites. For this purpose, Search Engines are most helpful. Every time when a person has entered into online, it is must fact that they have visited pages of a search engine. Among the various search engines available now days, the most popular and the most often visited site is the Google. Google search engine is one of the important and the mostly used website by many people all over the world. For most people, Google is the home page. The reason why Google is so stressed in the world of search engine is that the Google search engine is so light that it will load within a fraction of seconds, even in the slow speed Internet connection. Also Google search engine provides information about various websites in a relevant manner, compared to performance of other search engines. Also Google search engine has been optimized for best viewing across various mobile devices like android-based phones and for tablets.