Since we are living in a world computer plays an important role, there is a huge requirement for the aid of computers and the allied process into business solutions. Since the business environment is based on computers in most of the industries, IT Consulting & Services are on a peak value. It is now the most reputed and most earning field. There are a number of companies present in this field. One of the world leaders in providing IT Consulting & Services is Wipro. Due to the efforts made by them in the last quarter to improve their business, they have now capitalized the sector in a manner such that other companies dare to enter. With their cutting edge services and the range of solutions they offer, they are ranked in top position for most parts of the year. Every year they are improving their service quality and acquiring more clients on go. Wipro is a company based in India, serving the IT Consulting & Services of the world. Their services are cost effective and the support they provide is awesome in various aspects. They are also capturing the world market in an effective manner and establishing their presence in many countries.