Yahoo Inc . Stock have always been popular amongst upcoming investors as often the brand equity and popularity of these names help instill confidence in investors  to  buy stocks without seriously considering the financial aspect of the game.  In order to assess the financial prowess of companies like Yahoo, a look at Yahoo stock graph can provide valuable insight.

Alibababa.com will be offering its shares to the public for the very first time ,this means Yahoo  will  get   the extra stimulus in order to catch tech  giants like Google as Yahoo own s about 25% stake in Alibaba. The IPO will result in massive flows of cash at Yahoo disposal. This in return will be beneficial for Yahoo   stock graph as it may move in an upward trajectory. Though recent trends depicted by Yahoo stock graph tell us a different story.

Yahoo Inc is registered on NASDAQ by the symbol YHOO. It has opened at $35.99 by today and currently stands at $34.22, indeed a significant fall if taken in account it has occurred during a single day. The Yahoo stock graph can be  used  with reference to any time frame, if the trend for five years is overviewed nothing  fancy has occurred .The reference line for the graph has remained at a single point in terms of price for nearly 3 – 4 years whereas it only continued to rise after the closing months of 2012,though it went to rise only to again coming to a halt since the start of 2014.