There is no rocket science about Google stock graph, just a look at its stock graph will tell you its doing wonders as compared with the other big boys in Wall Street. Right now Google has roughly about $ 60 Billion reserves of cash and one of the finest innovative department s in the world. There is no reason why not to express confidence in its Stock graph.

One worrying aspect about Google is though its over reliance on internet advertising as a major source of revenue. Though not to underestimate the magnitude of this revenue stream but as traditional wisdom will tell, reliance on single thing in the long term will lead to dubious results. Similarly for Google diversification is vital in order to move at the same pace in the long run as on which they are now at. To add to that Google is in consideration to provide internet infrastructure in the form of fiber cables in selected regions of the United States of America. Though the project is of long term essence however it will lead to a strong impact on Google stock graph.

The trend deduced from the Google stock graph for the last six months is quite impressive, sustained rise continuously then slowly moving back to the point from where it started to move. What is good news for investors as even the fall was not drastic as the line slowly and slowly moved downwards.