Google stock has been on a very impressive run recently.  From the highs of crossing the $1000 mark  September 2013 and now currently opened at 515.79 however a 5.18 % has been experienced by Google stock by now, the price is 509.96. Such inconsistency shown by Google stocks has left a profound mark on its investors who do not expect a company of Google‘s stature to have stocks dipping in this way. Interestingly many are not aware why Google‘s stock has experienced nearly half the fall in its value. This is not the result of market dynamics of stock trading rather than Google on April 2, just a month ago decided to split its stock in order to make it more affordable.

This kind of stock dynamics should not take away anything from Google as a company. The company is on its way to financial stability in the long run, if not greatness. Google’s innovation in its services and products along with razor edged department of Research and development has given it a foundation that not many companies in the world can boast for.

Despite all being said, Google should not get carried away by these strong aspects discussed.  A vary and keen eye on its competitors operations will help them to carry efficiently for the long term. Google ‘s split for its stock is down to generate quick liquid funds as the reduced prices appeal to the small scale investors. Google stock is represented by the symbol GOOG on NASDAQ.