Facebook stocks chart tell us a lot about how the company is doing in financial terms. On NASDAQ Facebook is represented by the symbol o” FB.” With its stock opening $59.67 as of today ,don’t be surprised if it increases further as the year  goes on .With excellent cash flow positions  and the R&D budget increasing  massively as compared with before. This clearly illustrates the desire of the company to grow further. Facebook’s rivalry wish Twitter is heating up, both are competing to be the number one firm in technology business. A glance at it Facebook chart provides us with the valuable insight in order to conclude in what direction it is heading too.

Facebook stock chart shows how its prices have experienced an increase in its prices twice in the month gone by. It should be noted however the rise in prices did not consistently occur as in between there was also a steep fall in prices. However the trend of the past six months is fairly consistent as there is a constant improvement in its prices .The rise has been solid enough to indicate that worthwhile nature of investing in Facebook stocks.

The analysis of Facebook stock chart if done for the year sub substantiates the claim that Facebook stock is quite consistent in its outlook. Straight lines are very much common .With many financial analysts  confident of future success of Facebook ‘s long term strategic maneuvers. Its finally time for Facebook investors to grasp the fact that Facebook Inc. is moving toward an upward spiral.