Technology amazes human mind with its wonderful applications. Every day we come across different inventions which mesmerize us with their purpose. From gadgets to robots, there is always something new to hear. Recently, it is reported that a team of Computer scientists at Washington state university have created robots that can teach other robots. It sounds interesting when we say that a teacher robot will teach its students how to perform any task. The teacher robots will guide student robots how to  play the 1980 video game Pacman.The teacher robots advise student robots on what moves to make .Soon, the students surpass their teacher, racking up more points faster.

At the very beginning, the students know nothing and anything you can use to jump start that process is extremely helpful. Advice helps the students robots learn faster, but the challenge is that the teacher needs to know when to stop.  Team of Scientists at Washington State University have worked on Algorithms that determine how much advice a teacher should give and when.

The designed model of teacher robots has many applications. The team of scientists at Washington State University is now planning to program a robot housecleaning to its replacement.