The Google share prices are $540.95 as of today 11th April. The Google stock price has decreased since trading started today by -4.11%. These fluctuations in the Google Stock Chart have been recurring since the past few months quite consistently mainly due to the scandal between Sergey Brin, Amanda Rosenberg and how it has affected Brin’s relationship with Larry Page as well. Since this has gone public Brin’s marriage with Anna Wojicki has collapsed and on top of this his relations with Larry Page have also deteriorated mainly due to lack of professionalism which “ ethically strict “ Page would not stand for. It is reported as well that this affair had a very negative impact on the overall ambiance of the work space which may have led to inefficiency amongst the employees. The Google stock quote a month ago declined from $600/share to $560/share. This was the time in which the affair was made public.

It seems though as Page and Brin have put their differences aside for now for the sake of the company theStockwere split on 3rd April 2014 and hence forth on that day their stocks were 50% less on the day, however it is a great step for Google to solidify the dominance of Brin and Page. Since 3rd April the share prices have dipped a great deal but that was mainly due to the stock split. It is, however moving towards better days as it has improved quite a lot since 3rd April.

The Stock split on Tuesday benefited the executives Page, Brin and Eric Shmidt as they are now the only executives with class “B” GOOGL stock symbol certification, which grants them a voting power of 10 votes. Previously the executives were granted GOOG share symbol of class “A” which granted them each with one vote. Conversely, the newly introduced share “C” symbol has no voting power since this is the one on offer to the general public. This solidifies Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s hand over the company.

Since the introduction of this new GOOG stock split, the company itself has better days ahead. The only question remains as the one towards the skeptical investors: Is it wise for the potential shareholders to invest in Google Stock? especially considering the previous hostility within the company as well as the fact that two of the center pieces of that puzzle, respectively Page and Brin now both have the firmest of hand over the company and its future by securing their ten votes due to being owners of GOOG stock symbol class B shares. Two factors may be considered while investing one is that bear in mind that these are the same two people that have made Google into the phenomenon it is today, however this lack of professionalism as well as an immense amount of voting power which they did not possess before and may or may not lead to an abuse of power; this is a minor thought, one has to consider, not the final verdict.