Intel Corporation, Inc. is a company based in United States. The company is famous for designing and manufacturing the digital technology that is of paramount importance for running the computers of today’s age. The main products of the company are chipset and microprocessor. These products are then sold to other companies such as Apple Inc. etc. who use these products in manufacturing their own new models of PCs. Intel is proud to have a monopoly over supplying its products to the technology giants as the other competitors are low on the competition and Intel is singlehandedly directing the market for itself. This is the reason that the company has extracted a huge amount of profits since the last couple of decades and therefore investors are also taking a long nap due to the fact that whatever they invest in company will be returned along with a handsome profit. The current Intel stock price is $25.62 and the 52-week high and low prices are $26.98 and $20.75, respectively. Similarly, the Intel earnings have also increased with the enhanced stock price as the investors are investing more and company is reaping more profits due to the higher effective investments.