Microsoft is US based Multinational Corporation that is in the computer hardware and software manufacturing and servicing business. The company manufactures, license, markets, and supports computer and mobile software’s and services. Microsoft is the leading company in the PC software with its top notch and most famous product Microsoft windows which are literally used by almost every pc in the world. Microsoft apart from providing its operating system also provides its office solutions, internet exploring software’s and other applications. The company is also in electronic hardware and software manufacturing business with its famous hardware product being the Xbox which is widely used for games. Microsoft is not just the world’s top sellers of software’s but it is also considered to the most valuable company in the world. Microsoft is traded on NASDAQ with the symbol MSFT and currently Microsoft stock price is $40. The company has market capitalization of over $326 billion. Microsoft is also in the hardware and software manufacturing of the mobiles now. The company got a little bit late in the Smartphone market than its competitors like Google but now that it has stepped in the market it is spending a lot of money to gain the market share. Microsoft bought Nokia in 2013 and has launched their flagship series of mobile Nokia Lumia Series which has brought in a lot of cash for the company. The numbers haven’t spiked up too quickly for Microsoft’s smartphone business but analysts believe that the company will gain a major market share in the coming 2-3 years which will increase the Microsoft earnings.