Hewlett Packard news was highlighted recently when it was awarded the second Top customer experience ratings among the Computer makers. Apple tool the first spot with the rating of 67% and Hewlett Packard came in second with a rating of 64%. The rating was published by Temkin Group who examines the quality of customer experience ratings across 19 industries and 268 organizations.

Hewlett Packard revenues have declined for the past two years. The revenues of 2013 were announced at $112.3 billion. Recently HP announced it 1QFY2014 earnings and revenues beating analysts’ estimates. Hewlett Packard Earnings per share for the 1st quarter of 2014 were $0.90 and are expected to decline to $0.88 in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Hewlett Packard stock price is currently trading at $31.95 up 1.49% from yesterday’s closing price of $31.48. Hewlett Packard share price is expected to appreciate 4% in the upcoming one year.

Majority of the Analysts rate Hewlett Packard’s stock as a hold with Hewlett Packard shares expected to appreciate in the upcoming months.