The latest Google news came in from its newly announced Device Google Glass which has attracted plenty of negative attention by its early adapters. The critics have used words for the device like privacy-flouting, covert-surveillance frippery for the overwhelmingly white, male, Silicon Valley elite. So reacting to the hatred, Google is hitting back at the haters, publishing a post on the official Google Glass Google+ page that aims to demolish “The Top 10 Google Glass Myths”.

The Google’s share price was down 0.17% today decreasing $2.09 from last night’s closing price. The Current Google stock price is $1197.16 and it is expected to increase further in the upcoming months. Since January 2014, Google’s stock has increased 7% and 47% since last year in March. Google Earnings per share are $38.2 as of today and the P/E multiple is 31.5.

Google revenues have been increasing at a compounded rate of 24.8 over the last five years, and analysts expect revenues to grow 10% annually over FY14-17.It has diversified into many businesses and Its online Ad revenues have also increased significantly.

Google has a lot of growth potential and it is still valued fairly cheaply, compared to the other companies. We recommend Google shares as a buy.